Why Sweat? 3 Ways the Infrared Sauna Could Change your Life

Haute Sauna Blog:

Why Should we Sweat? 3 Ways the infrared sauna can improve your health for life. 

Breaking a sweat is a massively powerful tool that could change your life. Although sweating can be viewed as a negative process by many, it could be one of the single most important things we should all do on a weekly, potentially even daily basis. Specifically, the infrared sauna sweat session is an experience unlike any other, and produces uncommonly beneficial results. The seemingly endless benefits of the sauna will be continuously covered in future blogs, but with this particular entry, we will focus on 3 major Benefits, and how they can change your life.

1: Detoxification: There is a simple equation to consider when examining the benefit of detoxifying the body. 

Proper Hydration + Regular Safe Sweating= Lower Levels of harmful toxins in the body. 

Our bodies take a steep dip in health if we do not prioritize filtering out harmful substances. Many researchers believe that poor detox efforts can result in a multitude of harmful illnesses. This idea eludes to the importance of regular detoxifying of the body. 

Regular infrared sauna sweats accomplish this goal with pin point precision through  far infrared heating technology. This highly effective technology penetrates the tissue at a deeper level than a traditional steam sauna, raising the body’s core temperature and as a result causing the body to release harmful toxins at a cellular level. 

2: Anti-Inflammation: Chronic inflammation has been connected to a wide range of health issues, including the detrimental heart disease and autoimmune diseases. In addition to chronic inflammation, when we exercise regularly or consume a diet high in inflammatory foods, our body’s tissues will become more inflamed. Inflammation in the body is painful and can become debilitating if you don’t address the cause. However, consistent infrared sauna sessions can drastically help alleviate the chronic pain and tissue rigidity associated with inflammation. 

3: Extreme Stress Reduction:

High Stress Levels bombard our society in today’s age. Stress can lead to a never ending list of negative consequences to the body and the functionality of our daily lives. High Stress levels throw our body out of hormone balance and can create a baseline state of fight or flight response. With stress, there must be a balance with recovery both physically and mentally. 

The infrared sauna is highly effective in reducing stress levels, allowing the body to relax and both physically and mentally recover. Our infrared sauna session experience is designed to create the optimal relaxation and de-stress environment. The quiet atmosphere, soothing music, adjustable lights, and individual rooms will have you feeling the mental and physical reset in as little as 30 minutes.